• Every year the Club will hold a Club Championship which will create the ranking list for the year. The championship format will be a monroe format. This format works with backdraws, so every position is played for.
  • The new line-up will be placed online at the end of the championship.
  • Two weeks after the Championship final players are allowed to challenge as per the challenge rules below.
  • Players who are not available for the club championship (either absent or new members) will need to challenge into the ranking list. The first challenge will need to be discussed with the Club Captains and the Selection Commitee.


  1. 1) The challenger shall supply the tennis balls.
  2. Matches are decided by best of 3 full sets (The third set can be a 10-point super tiebreak only if BOTH players agree before the start of the match.)
  3. Challengers are allowed to challenge up to 2 places. For example, nr.8 player may challenge nr.6 or nr.7 players.
  4. If the challenge is successful, the winner shall move above the loser & the loser (& any other affected players) will slot back one position. For example, if nr.8 beats nr.6 then nr.8 takes the nr.6 spot, nr.6 moves to nr.7 & nr.7 moves to nr.8.
  5. You may not challenge more than one player per week.
  6. You may not challenge the same person more than once within a 4-week period.
  7. All challenge matches must be played within 10 days of the challenger’s request, provided the player being challenged does not have another challenge match scheduled during that time. In this instance challenger will need to wait until the first challenge match is completed before issuing a new challenge request. If the person you challenge cannot confirm a time or date within this 10-day period, he or she will lose their position on the ranking list (unless there is a valid reason the match cannot be played). We will be enforcing this point but you need to let us know about such challenge issued. (Also see point 9)
  8. Challenge matches may not be played during official league practice or social times (check the notice board for these scheduled times). Please arrange to play outside of these scheduled times.
  9. Both players must agree to a date and time.
  10. Challengers must notify the Club Captain (Lance) or the Men’s/Women’s captain of the agreed date of challenge & they must be notified of the result.
  11. The club will rely on the sportsmanship of all players to ensure that games are played in good faith.


Our end of year club party and trophy award ceremony.
Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for supporting us and donating goods/services and prizes.