Selection Rules

  1. For every league season the Club Captains and the Selection Committee will establish a new line-up. This line-up will be based around ranking and player availability. Only players whose membership is fully paid, and who have confirmed dates for at least 4 League matches 2 weeks before the start of league will be added to the line-up. The Club Captains will send an email before season so that players have time to sort out their private schedules during league. Players who cannot commit will be placed on reserve and slotted in when needed. Club Captains may make exceptions if they have been approached before season.
  2. Every Team will have a team captain, who is responsible for the availability of their team’s players.
  3. The objective is to promote players who are committed to league and to up the social side of the club. Another reason for this is to keep league teams the same and only replace player positions with reserves, and not move other players up and down.
  4. The Club Captains and Selection Committee reserve the right to bring in stronger players from the reserve pool when required.
  5. This will however be kept to a minimum, once again the objective is to promote team spirit and those players who are committed. The final decision lies with the Club Captains.
  6. During League season challenges may continue, but it is at the discretion of the Club Captains if this challenge will effect the league teams. Should a challenge take place, then the Club Captains need to be informed. The Club Captains may also ask players to play a challenge match.
  7. Teams are encouraged to come up with team names, possible sponsors for clothing, take photo’s and keep the team motivated.


  1. Western Province league games are played from August to November and from January to April.
  2. Match players are responsible for providing refreshments and snacks for visiting teams. League games officially start on a Saturday at 13h15.
  3. Match practice during the league season is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17h00. Court 4 will always be available for social members, this court might be used, but if such players arrive the game will be finished and the court will be vacated for them to play.
  4. Members playing league tennis shall be levied a match ball fee determined by the Committee. It is the Team Captains responsibility to collect ball fees.”